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Hello World!

By December 31, 2017 January 1st, 2018 3 Comments

 Hello world. After almost two years of presence on two forums and huge spread over the web, we finally made it to our own website. I would like to send congrats to whole Ainur Audio team – we made it guys! Also, I want to thank all the donators of xda forum – without your help, this website won’t be made. Finally, I want to thank every user of Ainur modifications – without your fate, help and fulfilling words of enjoyment there won’t be any progression in what we do! Thank all of you, guys!
It’s been an uncompromising adventure into the android audio world, with an unsettled focus on boosting users devices sound to new heights. We ran huge amount of tests, put lots of efforts into deving Ainur audio modifications, creating our own tools, collecting data and more – everything for perfecting sound on our beloved devices and helping people squeezing and pushing the boundaries of audio performance.
Today we are introducing the most advanced audio mod ever found on the internet – AINUR SAURON Mark 2 (MK II). We filled this beauty with huge amount of features, packed into a lightweight installer that not only supports all of the major root solutions, but also determines devices abilities for perfect modification fit exclusively for your device. We took everything that was great in Mark 1 and perfected it, bringing whole new features into Mark 2. Apart from our signature combination of sound FX libraries, we also bring mixer modifications to tune dac/codec, which is a killer feature for Qualcomm cpu based devices. The next big thing in MK II is empowering the abilities of boosting Qualcomm’s Hexagon DSP like user determined forcing for DTS Headphone:X and Dolby effects modules. We are also making experimental speaker amplifiers tunings, especially for HTC U11 and U11 Plus, HTC m9, Bolt/Evo and 10. Other devices like OnePlus 5, 5T and some other devices with TFA amplifiers also got the right amount of this new magic. Sauron also tries to solve one of the major android problems, that is known as downsampling in to 16/44100khz – tho we can’t really overcome it, if not working on custom kernel and ROM, we have an ability to run channels via mixer with forced parameters, that are again controlled by users. There is a lot of features we put into Mark 2 for devices with DAC’s like LG v20/G6/v30 and V30+, LeEco x900/800, Zte Nubia z11, z9 and z9m and ZTE Axon 7 and Axon mini. We are aware that manufacturers made it hard to force that devices Dacs, though we want our users to ran more tests, so that we can made it better and fully working in our next releases. The biggest thing in MK II yet is the support for nearly every cpu manufacturer and architecture – Qualcomm, Exynos, Intel, Mtk, Kirin, Spreadtrum, Rockchip and Pinecone are there to get at least a little piece of the pie.
Of course it’s still an early step for the lord of the Mordor and darkness into gaining his power. We are looking forward the 2018 and the bright future for Sauron – there is still lots of work to be done and we know that people deserve more.
The Q1-Q2 of 2018 will also bring the Narsil mod, that is based off our old Nero modification with it’s power to unblock any coloration FX in the render out route, as well as putting more features for codecs and DACs that were already tested in the new Sauron build.
2018 is also determined by the team as the year we want to show our own proprietary works and ideas – evolving JDSP, SurroundX and maybe something else 😉
I want to thank everyone ones again – it’s a great pleasure not only to work with people like James, Zack, Ahrion, Alexander, Dmitriy, Alexander (yeah one more) and George, but working for each and every user that supports our work, helps a lot and gives us warm words. Thank all of you! And happy new year! (oh yeah, and pardon my english :))


Arseny aka UltraM8

Ainur Audio CEO