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We love the openness of the android operating system and the abilities it provides. For over a couple of years we are working on developing the ways, that will boost audio capabilities of various android powered devices and help people in getting the perfect sound.


We are fully utilizing R&D mechanics in our modding approach. Our main goal is to keep a certain level of precision to control over various bits of android’s audio subsystem. Research – is the heart of such approach. With each update to android, each new device, each new SOC the amount of changes made by manufacturers is growing rapidly, thus the only way to compete remains careful studying for newly introduced, or changed features. The amount of years we at AINUR team spent in both researching android audio subsystem and developing android audio modifications result in great experience you can rely on.

Our story

We started in 2016 with AINUR PANDORA, as a small mod that optimized android sound fx libraries for overall better audio balance. After a while we released AINUR NERO audio mod – that unloaded the fx stack completely, leaving the DAC/codec signature sound. NERO reached many places of the web, as well as leaving great imprint. Story continues with expansion over Qualcomm socs with AINUR KRONOS (HTC flagships special) and ATLANT for many other devices on this platform.

After success of our previous modifications we wanted to go further. The idea was to make an audio mod, that will fit all possible platforms, devices (smartphone, tablet, android car unit, TV boxes, etc), system types (32/64bit or x86), reaching every possible bit on it’s own. This is how AINUR SAURON was born – our most successful experimental android audio modification on the web


Maximizing android audio

Expand Codec & DAC possibilities

Extraordinary sound

Maximized audio tract optimizations

Working on



Android Auto / Car head unit

Android TV box

Android gaming console

Ainur audio has the incredible capability to move the listener inside the scene, you have the impression to be fully surrounded by the instruments. You listen and see the music, the breathing of performers, having the concrete perception of instruments positioning with an astonishing precision. You bring a whole theater into your pockets.

Egidio Loi - pianist




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Android audio mods by AINUR AUDIO

Full audio customization


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Pure Codec or DAC audio rendering


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Everything for free!

We keep all the results of our development absolutely free of any charge. Although if you want to support the development and help us maintain this website, we wouldn’t mind 😉




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