android audio mod

Named after Sauron – the evil all-seeing character from Tolkien’s “Lord of the rings”, this android audio modification applies suitable system patches, determinined on it’s own to deliver an extreme level of sound quality for your music.

One mod to rule them all



Android Auto/ Car headunit

Android TV box

Android gaming console


“Palantir” installer

We’ve been extensively working on an installer that will perform best patching combo for your particular device automatically.

Full spectrum

We are trying to tune whole android audio tract to achieve an outstanding sound scene, like if you are in the middle of the performance, near to the beloved artist. You definitely want to re-listen your music collection to hear details you never paid attention before.

Beat perfect

Deepen bass

Wider scene

Better instruments separation

*May vary, depending on hardware and your hearing abilities

Audiophile ready

Knowing about android downsampling problem, we want to give people an ability to control over Codec, DAC or hardware DSP parameters, so that you can force desired audio bitsize and discretization, in order to overcome that problem.*

*Highly depends on hardware, device manufacturer & android version

Supports major mobile architectures

ARM 32/64bit & X86

Proven to work on

Core elements
  • Android standard SFX replacements
  • Qualcomm SFX replacements
  • Amplifiers libraries additions
  • Various device manufacturers patches
  • Customized props
Advanced elements
  • Qualcomm hardware mixer tuning
  • LG v20/g6/v30 QUAD DAC tuning
  • Lenovo vibe x3 DAC tuning
  • Axon 7/mini DAC tuning
  • Le Eco x800/900 DAC tuning
  • Nubia z9/9m DAC tuning
  • Nubia z11 DAC tuning
  • Forced Bitsize & Discretization per output channel
  • HiFi optimizations
  • Missing codecs

What professionals say

Ainur audio technology has the incredible capability to move the listener inside the scene, you have the impression to be fully surrounded by the instruments. You listen and see the music, the breathing of performers, having the concrete perception of instruments positioning with an astonishing precision. You bring a whole theater into your pockets.

Egidio Loi - pianist

How to get it

Technical information and downloads can be found on official forums