android audio mod

Named after Narsil – legendary sword from Tolkien’s “Lord of the rings”. This android audio modification is aimed towards pure sound rendered via internal hardware (audio DACs and Codec’s) by cleaning sound tract from OEM & android sound effects as much as possible.

One mod to suit them all



Android Auto/ Car headunit

Android TV box

Android gaming console


Unleash the power

Most recent devices are already equipped with great characteristics audio hardware - even internal SOC codecs are in really good shape. The downside remains software - the android's inability to dynamically ramp-up discretization (due to android mixer), thus most effects are designed for 16bit/48000khz tops. Narsil helps removing as much effects, as possible - leaving pure sound, that is delivered via internal hardware.

Full spectrum

Narsil gives a key to open the door to the sound delivered solely (well, almost) by internal hardware. Despite all the software downsides it could be a solution for sheer sound, the way hardware (codec/DAC) manufacturer planned it. Many audiophile enthusiasts were really looking forward to this and now you're one step closer.

Sound unbound

Deepen bass

Balanced sound

Wider scene

*May vary, depending on hardware and your hearing abilities

Audiophile ready

Knowing about android downsampling problem, we want to give people an ability to control over Codec, DAC or hardware DSP parameters, so that you can force desired audio bitsize and discretization, in order to overcome that problem.*

*Highly depends on hardware, device manufacturer & android version

Supports major mobile architectures

ARM 32/64bit & X86

Proven to work on

Core elements
  • Android & OEM/Third-party SFX removal
  • Speaker amplifiers experimental patches
  • Various device manufacturers patches
  • Customized cherry-picked props
  • V4a & JDSP ready
Advanced elements
  • Qualcomm, Exynos, MTK & Kirin mixer tunings
  • LG v20/v30/v40/g8 QUAD DAC tuning
  • Lenovo vibe x3 DAC tuning
  • Axon 7/mini DAC tuning
  • Le Eco x800/900 DAC tuning
  • Nubia z9/9m DAC tuning
  • Nubia z11 DAC tuning
  • HiFi optimizations
 User options elements
  • Forced Bitsize & Discretization per output channel
  • Selected OEM SFX fallback (in case something important breaks)
  • Qualcomm Codec power gating disabler
  • Qualcomm compander removal
  • Audio policy patches
  • Experimental audio calibration patches

What professionals say

Ainur audio technology has the incredible capability to move the listener inside the scene, you have the impression to be fully surrounded by the instruments. You listen and see the music, the breathing of performers, having the concrete perception of instruments positioning with an astonishing precision. You bring a whole theater into your pockets.

Egidio Loi - pianist


Technical support

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